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Full Sushi Bar

Yoshi's offers a full Sushi bar, stocked fresh daily with the freshest fish available in the  Boston area. Try one of our popular Sushi combos, or perhaps one of our specialty Sushi appetizers. Our expert Sushi Chef will prepare your combination with the freshest ingredients of the day. Or, if you prefer, our A-La-Carte menu is available for both lunch and dinner and features Nigiri sushi, Sashimi, Hand Rolls, and several designer Maki rolls ranging from the simple to the spectacular!




Dinner Entrees

Yoshi's is proud to offer some of the region's finest quality Japanese entrees. Our Shrimp, Fish, or Vegetable Tempuras are coated with a crisp, yet light and flaky batter. In the mood for noodles? We have a variety of Udon noodle soups including the popular Nabeyaki Udon with chicken, egg drops,   and a variety of vegetables served with Shrimp Tempura. We also offer several vegetarian options, like our Tofu Teriyaki which features lightly fried tofu tossed with crisp vegetables in our homemade sauce. And for the carnivorous, our Chicken, Salmon, or Beef Teriakis arrive at your table sizzling and are sure to satisfy.


Korean Specialties

Our restaraunt also has a full offering of some of the most well-loved Korean dishes, prepared with the freshest vegetables, sesame oil, chili paste and spices. Our traditional Bulgogi is shaved sirloin, fully marinated so it literally bursts with flavor the moment it reaches your plate. The Bi Bim Bab is a Korean dish featuring marinated Asian vegetables, topped with seasoned beef, and served as is, or in our traditional "Ok Dol" Hot Stone Pot. Soups like the Kimchi Gee Gae or Soft Tofu Gee Gae are ruby red in color and fiery in flavor. Other favorites such as a luxurious Hai Dup Bab round out the list of euphoric cuisine. And what's more, if you can't decide our Dinner Box entree allows you to mix and match Japanese and Korean cuisine with Sushi so you'll satisfy all of your tastes in one visit!




Yoshi's Lunch Menu

Our Lunch Menu includes conveniently sized portions of our most popular entrees, as well as our full Sushi A-La-Carte menu. With our convenient prices and location, why not make Yoshi's the next stop for your lunch break - whether at home or on the job?


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